Changeability Success Club - Independent Study

Changeability Success Club - Independent Study

taught by Kathryn and Julian

Course description

Powerful Life Changes Are Calling...

Are you listening?

  • Do you struggle with the frustrating start-stop cycle of trying to change your habits so you can get that dream job, start your own business or finally ditch that debt?
  • Are you disheartened that you set goals for yourself only to lose momentum and motivation, going back to your old ways within a matter of weeks or even days?
  • Have you signed up for every “get fit fast” program under the sun, read them and maybe even tried them, but then slid stealthily back to the same old cycle of eating too much and working out too little?

Lasting Self-Help Solutions That Stick…

We hear you, loud and clear!

You’re desperate to make a change, a change that’ll last… but you don’t know where to start.

You’re craving a healthier and happier life… but you aren’t sure whether it really exists.

You’re longing to stop that negative self-talk soundtrack in your head… but you don’t know what to replace it with.

What CAN you do to make the change you desperately want?

Without losing your mind, a chunk of cash or your complete and utter sanity?

  • Use strategies and solutions that work, bring visible results with ease so that the changes you make… last a lifetime or longer!

An Invitation to Be a Part of Our Changeability Success Club:

A Life-Changing, Mindset-Altering Program Designed to Help You Live Your Best Life Ever

The Changeability Success Club is an ideal combination of learning, implementation and stickability.

It’s just as involved as Kathryn’s afternoon tea routine. {Sidenote: If you join, you can totally ask her about it!}


Because we believe that real change happens when we put the pedal to the {habit} metal, so to speak.

That’s right.

Yes, you’ll get science-backed strategies to help you identify and understand your life’s goals.

But more importantly, you’ll get the tools to actually accomplish those goals, create an all-out awesome action plan and make real guaranteed-to-last change happen.

Day after day.

Week after week.

Month after month.

The Changeability Success Club, put simply, lays out an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan to take goals from that tangled mess in your head to crystal clear reality.

Yes, your best life is knocking at the door. Question is… are you listening?

Why Should You Change Your Life with Us?

Because we’re just like you.

  • You don't want an online self-help marketing guru who gives you books and blogs to read but nothing that makes real change happen!
  • You don't need a show-off, high-living, bank-rolling coach who promises you the moon and stars… but leaves you with cloudy, unfulfilled dreams.
  • You’re someone who’s looking to make a lifestyle change that doesn’t fall by the wayside in a matter of weeks.
  • You’re someone who’s struggled with changing bad habits.
  • You’re looking for solutions that stick.

Well, that’s us too. Or at least where we were a few years ago.

Who are we?

We’re Julian and Kathryn, a husband-wife team who’ve walked the talk by making change happen by following the exact systems and strategies we’ll be sharing with you in The Changeability Success Club.

You’ll literally peek over our shoulder as we share the very goal-setting and goal-getting frameworks that have brought incredible changes to our life.

And in case you’re wondering, we aren’t a flash-in-the-pan either. We’ve been doing this for a while now. Between the two of us we have over 35 years of experience… helping young people, adults and our teams make lasting changes and set up to help others do the same.

In fact, The Changeability Success Club is based on Kathryn’s international best-selling bookChangeability: Manage your Mind – Change your Life.’

You may have heard us talk about some of our science-backed but seriously simple strategies on our award winning podcast, The Changeability Podcast.

In a nutshell, we know what we’re talking about, we’ve walked the path you’re on right now… and we can help you not only see but reach the light at the end of a seemingly long tunnel.

With carefully chosen strategies, handpicked tools and plenty of powerfully inspiring practical actions.

Oh, and you’ll have Dude, our labradoodle, enthusiastically woofing his support as well!

Because… friends help friends, right?

The Changeability Success Club - Independent Study

Success Club - Independent Study gives you access to the success club, the training and action plan worksheets. It's all you need to get clear, motivated, and on track to accomplish your vision and goals for your best life - in the most efficient way!

  • Access to Success Club Area (for one year)
  • Twelve module course (100 videos and rising!)
  • Bonus Stickability Module to keep you motivated and achieving your goals
  • Downloadable worksheets, templates and action plans (to download and keep)
  • Mind management MP3 audio tools (to download and keep)

Making Lasting Change Happen In Bite-Sized, Best-for-You Ways

So, by now, you’re wondering… how does The Changeability Club work?

Will it be yet another program that you’ll shell out money for, only for it to collect {virtual} dust?

Or will it be one of those where you’re handed a bunch of “course material” and then, left to figure out what to do with it or how it all fits together?

Well, it’ll be none of those things and all {and more!} of the following things:

  • Identifying your vision and goals so you know exactly what needs to be done.
  • Uncovering the hidden reasons why you haven’t moved forward and have been stuck for so long so you can smash these blocks and make change happen.
  • Applying proven-to-work, fool-proof mind management tools and techniques that take goals from mere dreams to daring reality.
  • Sustaining success by tracking your progress with measurable metrics so you can see exactly where you need to ramp up or roll back.
  • Clearing negative self-talk and limiting beliefs so you make change happen, from the inside out, meeting goals with ease and effortlessness.
  • Staying inspired, encouraged and motivated to keep the momentum.

Here’s What You Get … When You Join

  • A well-organised library of videos {over 100 of them!} to walk you through setting goals and most importantly, accomplishing them.
  • Every week for the first 12 weeks you'll get access to a new module of video lessons and downloads. Each week you learn a new Changeability technique and get the tools to put it into practice; so that change is steady and never overwhelming.
  • Downloadable templates, checklists and MP3 mind management audios so you have easy access to life-changing tools whenever you need them.
  • Plus a bonus Stickability module to keep the momentum going. Putting everything you've learnt into action and staying motivated to achieve your goals and the happiness and life you want. So that in 3 to 6 months or less, you’ll see incredible change with incredible ease and intention.

Is The Changeability Success Club for You?

  • If you’ve tried every self-help hack in the book only to come back to the proverbial square one…
  • If you’ve wondered if you can make changes without getting overwhelmed, exhausted or plain bored…
  • If you’ve struggled with staying on track with the changes that you have made…
  • If you’ve laid awake at night and tossed-and-turned wondering if there’s any hope for a more positive, productive and peace-filled life for you…

Then, yes the Changeability Success Club is for YOU.

The Changeability Success Club is quite simply a how-to-go-through-life system so you have the roadmap and the guide you need to stop doing what you've been doing so far to experience the results you've only been wishing for.

Yes, you'll have to show up and do the work.

But we promise that when you do the work, the results will be there for you {and everyone else} to see.

The Changeability Success Club isn't a 'get rich quick scheme' or a 'see results overnight scam'.

  • It's a proven system, a scientific approach and a carefully tested methodology.
  • It's a one-stop, easy to use program that gives you access to a library of life-changing resources.
  • It is the solution you’ve been dreaming of, handed to you on a {virtual} silver platter.

Here’s how we see it…

You can either choose to stay on the fence, continue to compare and complain about your life… or you can jump right off and join us and make the next 90 days {or longer!] the best ever.

Everyone knows that change can only happen when we make it happen, right?

Let’s face it,

The months are going to pass you by in a blur… are you going to keep running on the same old hamster wheel of trying to change and then, losing motivation, falling back into the same old habits that you positively hate?

Or will you decide that it’s your time to make real changes a real part of your life so you can live your best life ever?

All of this is within your reach! All you need to do is take the first step and join us. You can make lasting lifestyle changes a reality now.

Register for the Changeability Success Club and join us today. We look forward to seeing you on the inside.

To your success,

Kathryn and Julian

Making Lasting Lifestyle Changes Happen… They Said It!

{aka testimonials}

‘This vision setting stuff is quite eye opening when you start writing it all down. I finished reading your book a few weeks ago (which is great by the way) and I'm now going back over it to figure out where I'm heading. Our house is now on the market in the vision to live a more rural life.’ Update – ‘This year you have given me that kick to make the changes I need. As a result we sold our house and are moving more rural with a bit of land for growing and chickens. I (kinda) quit my job to go freelance and feel that it all started from stumbling across you when it was most need. Thank you’ - Rich Mapstone, UK

“One of the best ‘change your life’ resources I’ve come across. If you like to understand the theory and evidence (be it scientific or anecdotal) behind advice on how to change your life, this material is presented in an engaging way. Of course they also make recommendations for how to best go about taking action.” You will feel like you’ve made two new friends who are supporting you on your journey of change. Well done Kathryn and Julian, makes me proud to be from the same Sceptred Isle!” – iimmmii - UK

“This is awesome! The hosts are relatable and relaxed, and the two-person dynamic keeps the conversation natural and fresh. Both Kathryn and Julian are clearly ‘regular’ people, and have a knack for explaining concepts simply. Of course, having delightful British accents helps! The advice is grounded in logic and practicality.” – Anneh - Canada

What you will achieve

We thought you might like a little preview of what’s coming your way here in the Changeability Success Club, and more importantly an inkling into what you will know and achieve when you join us.

  • You will have discovered your priorities for change in your life or business.
  • You will have captured your vision of brilliant living. This is what we call life after you’ve changed what you want to change. It’s a vision of your changed life, regardless of what it is you want to change or have more of, however big or small.
  • Your will have identified key milestones along the route from where you are now to where you want to be and have created the goals to get you there.
  • You will have crystal clear clarity about what you want and set you intentions to get it.
  • You will know what’s been stopping you reaching your goals before and how to change it.
  • You’ll have cleared the thoughts and beliefs that get in the way of change and replaced them with empowering positive ones that help rather than hinder you.
  • You’ll understand the powerful technique that leading athletes and performers use to get to the top of their game and know how to use it to take your life to the next level.
  • You’ll know how to get the most out of every day and be the happiest you can be now.
  • You will have crystal clear clarity about what you are doing, understand why that’s important and have an actionable plan to make it happen.
  • You will have the energy, focus and impetus to take inspired action every day.
  • You will have experienced the key method used by millions of people throughout the world to improve their focus, understanding and life in general.
  • You will be open to new opportunities to help you change, that would have previously passed you by.
  • You will understand how to manage your mind and what to do to keep good things happening for you.
  • You will have Changeability, the ability to change, and Stickability so you know how to keep going.
  • You will have tools, techniques, skills and ways of thinking to enhance your life for the rest of your life.
  • You will be changing your life and celebrating big time.

Are you ready for change?

Changeability is about making your life the life you want it to be. This is for you – for your life on your terms, with the only limit being the limit of your imagination and the power of your action.

This is your moment, your time to step into the spotlight, to change what you want to change and create the life you want. So get ready to listen, look, read, think, dream, write, imagine, act and change your life.

Independent Study or VIP

We offer two levels of membership so you can choose which suits you best.

This is the Independent Study version which is a course you work through by yourself. It is for self-motivated self-starters who want to get up and going with it. (Go to the top of the page to join now for £197.)

The VIP membership gives you all of the same 12 modules for the first 3 months which take you through the Changeability techniques and give you the tools to put them into practice. You also get a Stickability module to keep you going. Plus the support and accountability that comes from being part of a club community. You get access to a private Facebook group and monthly group calls with Julian and Kathryn to set your goals, share your progress, make yourself accountable and ask questions. You also get additional learning materials, lessons, case studies, masterclasses and a new downloadable mp3 audio tool every month such as a guided meditation, visualisation or affirmation (Go to the bottom of the page to join as a VIP for £297).

The bottom line is you get access to life changing, happiness creating techniques and tools and techniques for less than a pound a day - whichever option you choose.

Kathryn and Julian
Kathryn and Julian
Senior Instructors

Kathryn Bryant and Julian Illman are a husband and wife partnership and co-founders of, promoting mind management for your best life and business. They also co-host the award winning ‘Changeability Podcast’ (winner of the Best Self-Help Podcast – UK Podcast Awards) listened to in 169 countries. Kathryn is an international best-selling Amazon author of ‘Changeability’ and host of ‘Podcast Divas’, a show putting fabulous female podcasters in the spotlight and inspiring others to join them.

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